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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  October 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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league. what it is, and how
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the community is rea a school sex scandal in the east bay. a fantasy sex league. what it is and how the community is reacting to the principal's warning notice. last night was a bizarre event. >> naked men, decapitated animals and a fire. what led to an officer killing a man. never say it, giants are at it again. why tomorrow night's game 7 could be delayed. good evening. ctory tonight over the cardinals. now on to the wi [cheers and applause] game over. game 7 tomorrow night. >> the giants are taking it down to the wire. what else, after a must-win victory over the cardinals. now on to the winner take all game 7 in san francisco tomorrow. this is the 5th time the giants won an elimination this post season.
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we are at at&t park, dennis, all about ryan and the food. >> that is right. the right hander pitching the 5th straight win. striking out in the 1st inning, alan craig, one of 9 that was a career high. did not take long for the giants to get on the board. marco drove in a pair of runs with a double off of the wall. 4-1 giants and then they win 6- 1, they will force a game 7 tomorrow night. obviously a enthusiastic happy giant's clubhouse. we will do "game day" on location and it will be a fun night but it is raining now here at at&t. >> all right, we have julie coming up with more on that,
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thank you, dennis. with this age of social media it is no surprise the giants taken over twitter in the past few days. it started with rallyzito. and tonight, trending right now in san francisco, rallycane and that is for game 7 starter and ace of the game. fans can breathe easier, at least until tomorrow's win or take all game. it promises to be a nail biter. we go to at&t park with fans who are happy their team is playing again tomorrow night. >> reporter: that is right. you did not have to be inside of the park to know who is winning. the noise from the park was all over this part of the town. when the fans hit the street, well, they went a little nuts. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: giants retire the cardinals in the top of the 9th, taking game 6, staying alive and keeping the faith with fans so ecstatic they can
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hardly control themselves. [cheers and applause] >> if anyone had doubts nobody is admitting it now. >> they don't know how to lose. they stick with it. they are the best. they are awesome. we had a little bit of torture but they are the best. >> reporter: the mighty giants comeback was awesome. >> cardinals, they lost it in the 2nd, it was gone. no coming back. >> 4-runs in the 2nd inning, amazing. >> yes. pitching a phenomenal game. >> reporter: most fans let their emotions do the talking. [cheering] >> reporter: hard to believe but there were cardinal fans in the stands, too. >> we had a rough one tonight, game 7. we plan on coming back. we are come the comeback cards, that is what they call us. >> amazing, comeback-from- behind post season and game 7 will be a great time. [cheering] >> reporter: and that is just a preview of what you are likely to see if or when giants
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win game 7. >> yes. it is is when. as you can see, rain is coming through the area. there is concern. >> here is the good news. reporters are out there right now are going to get the worst of it in terms of rainfall at the giants game. tomorrow, i think it it is going to be certainly not comfortable and maybe a little damp but you will not be seeing this. here is a live look at hi-def doplar. the bulk of the heaviest rain moving through right now. continuing overnight into your morning commute. then, start to taper off by tomorrow afternoon. i will time it out for you in just a bit. we will take a closer look at giant's stadium and look where the rain is falling right now. the rain indicated in yellow, indicating moderate rainfall, pockets of heavy rain, looking at san francisco here looking to the north. moderate to heavy rain here. as we head over to the east bay, richmond, you are about to see a pocket of pretty good
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rain heading your way as well. keep in mind the showers will likely be heaviest overnight and for the morning hours, we will look at future cast here. seeing some of the heaviest rainfall for the morning commute. let's fast forward to 5:00. game tomorrow night, cool air. you see the popcorn-like cloud structure. indicktive of the cool air. chilly, breezy, not a rain out. i think they will get to there game. >> an exciting game. they will warm up quickly. >> certainly, thank you very much, julie. all right, this is a live look at the san mateo bridge that will reopen in a matter of hours. it has been closed since 10:00 on friday night so crews can make seismic upgrades and repairs. work on the bridge is way ahead of schedule. good news for drivers. crews have been so efficient they will not need to close the bridge again next weekend as planned. they are replacing 60 feet of road deck to make it safer in a earthquake. they are also replacing a joint
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that developed a crack in it two years ago. the bridge will reopen tomorrow morning at 5:00. so, check in with our morning news before you leave for work tomorrow for the latest traffic conditions. eyewitness news this morning begins at 4:30. well, administrators at an east bay high school just found out what many students have known for years. some of the top athletes are taking part in a fantasy sex league. we have more on how the league went public and why the school officials can can not punish anyone. >> reporter: the motto, achieve the honorable. but, they have done just the opposite with news that varsity athletes have been running a fantasiy sex league. >> it is disgusting and, you know, i am not proud to have that be part of my old school. >> reporter: in a letter to the parents, the principal says administrators found out about it after a date rape prevention assembly. it has been around five to six
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years as a activity for varsity sports athletes. he wrote he is surprised and sorry to hear about the fantasy slut league where female students are drafted and male students earn points for documenting activities with them. some say it is an open secret at school others had no clue. >> they are not -- it is sad. >> it sounds like personally stupidity to me. >> reporter: he says his son is a athlete who did not take part in the fantasy league. >> that the school found out it is good and that the school is taking steps is good. >> reporter: the principal says administrators investigated but did not identify the parteus pants by name so none will be disciplined. some express concern that any penalty can effect their college applications but some say there should be consequences. >> it is morally not the right thing to do. it is -- it is disgusting. you know, if it effects your college application, you know, you were a part of this. you asked for it, i guess.
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>> the school superintendent says in an e-mail this is a matter of school and family working together to support our teams to make good choices and to treat each other with respect and dignity. >> i just want -- they wanted to make sure i was not part of it at all and they wanted to know that i knew it was wrong. >> reporter: the school will have an assembly why it was wrong and structured discussions in class and sport teams will have talks about integrity and sportsmanship, back to you. >> we are learning more tonight about the deadly mass shooting at a mall in wisconsin. the police say 45-year-old radcliff houten opened fire in a day spa in -- haughton opened fire. and the gunman ran from the area. the search for haughton ended a short time later. >> the one suspect, that we believe that is responsible for
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the shootings today is deceased. we believe it to be a self- inflicted gunshot wound and are not, i repeat, not looking for more suspects. haughton's wife works at the salon and has gotten a restraining order. it is not known if she is among the victims. a bizarre chain of events. it started at 1:30 this morning when the police got a report of two men arguing and trying to burn their house down on alameda street. we have more on what happened next. >> reporter: this fire was just the finale of a wild night at this home in the end, three birds were decapitated and a man who lived here was shot and killed by the police. >> last night was extremely bizarre event. >> reporter: the police got reports of someone breaking windows on alameda street. when they got here they found two naked men in their late 20s. the police say they broken their own windows and set their house on fire. >> like a nightmare.
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your next door neighbor suddenly turns into a crazy person. >> reporter: when the police confronted one of the men they say he pointed a rifle at them so the police shot him. he died soon after. the other man is under arrest. now, the police believe that either one or both of these naked men was under the influence of some sort of controlled substance. they also say that rifle that was pointed at them was loaded. >> the police stood outside of the home, guns drawn, not know figure anyone else might be lurking about when they searched the property, they did find a gruesome sight. >> they located a blood trail leading out to the backyard of the home where three animals were found to have been decapitated. it appears there was a ritualistic act that was taking place. >> reporter: the street was shutdown for most of the day and neighbors have their own tales after the police evacuated nearby homes last night. >> i was freaked out. i thought potentially the fire
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could spread to -- onto our house. >> reporter: the police are waiting for toxicology reports to see what drugs they were on. the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave, back to you. >> this is the police department's 10th officer- involved shooting this year and the 6th ending in a death. well, it has been found. the meteor that streaked across bay area skies last wednesday. where it was and what prompted the north bay homeowner to look for it. after recent spike in gas prices the price per gallon is on the way down. we will tell you by how much
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. astronomers traced its pathd thought there could be frags somewhere in the north bay. when a fireball streaked across the skies the path was traced and thought there could be fragment sph-s where somewhere in the north bay. it turns out they were right. the treasure hunt ended in nevadao. >> reporter: lisa's house was unusually quiet because of the delay in the giant's game. >> i heard a bump, bump, bump like something hit the roof. >> reporter: two days later she read an article about the meteor that was seen and videotaped across the bay area. she remembered the thump on her roof and decided to look
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around. >> i saw one thing. i thought, all right, if that is it, great, if not, i am done. sure enough that is what it was. [ laughter ] >> reporter: nasa's study institute says it is a piece from the flaming fireball. he helped track the path of the meteor. capturing it on an array of video cameras. he is as it is only the 20th meteor with a known projectory. >> it is a little pod, a little -- a little photo album that tells us what happened this time when this came. >> reporter: just because they were able to track the path does not mean they were going to find a piece of the rock. most of the area is rural open land. >> only here where there was some population some, buildings and so on. so we were really fortunate that at least one-piece had a structure here -- hit a structure here. so we learn about it.
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>> reporter: he hopes others will search their neighborhoods quickly before the rain hits. >> anything that is out of the ordinary, just check it out. >> reporter: you never know what you might find. after all, who would of guessed that the search for intelligent life in the universe would lead to a backyard in navado; back to you. >> and the homeowner who found the rock gets to keep it but she has decided to give it to her next door neighbor's son as a birthday gift. it was his birthday the day the rocklanded on her roof. -- rock landed on her roof. >> the san francisco giants stepping on your territory, they are saying slightly cloudy and 100% chance of cane. >> she did not say rain. those who were half litching. [ laughter ] >> we will see rain -- listening. [ laughter ] we will see rain, but not during the game. chilly, don't worry about a rainout. let's get to doplar. a bit of a rainout going on
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right now. well, we saw dennis there at giant stadium and it is syruply going to be a wet evening for him out there tonight. let's go ahead and take a closer look at where some of the heaviest rain is falling right now, heading up to the forth bay. as you can see, we have moderate rainfall there as it moves farther south towards san francisco. you can see impressive rain heading across the peninsula and the east bay, danville, concord, brentwood, heavier rain here in the next hour or so. take a look at this. heading towards sunnyville and san san jose, impressive rainfall there. the first wave phaoufring in. throughout the area right now. more moderate rain over here in the next couple of hours, continuing on, in the morning commute. then, after the morning commute, we will see the showers die down a little bit, taper off to scattered showers. here is a look at what to expect. the high pressure, keeping us nice and dry. that is going off to the south. moving in from the north. an area of low pressure.
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this is the storm system bringing a wet and windy morning commute. the good news is t is short- lived. passes through for the first half of the day. cool air, scattered showers remain in the wake. it continues for the next few days. overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., you see widespread light rain. keep in mind it is the first rain event in six months. we are going to see slick roadways out there. combine it with high winds and you can see dangerous winds. we will get to the winds in just a minute. taking you through monday. notice the scattered showers, then, the cloud cover. i think we will see a bit of sun, actually n fact n some cases a lot of -- in fact n some cases a lot of sun, between monday and wednesday. tapering off on wednesday into thursday. here is a look at the winds they mentioned. look how high they are. 24 mile-an-hour winds. sanfrancisco, 21 livermore, fremont, 24 miles per hour in concord. certainly some concern there on the roadway. you combine it with slick road conditions, but, as you move on
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into the afternoon hours they die down a bit into the teens. a little breezy though for the giants game. winter storm warning if effect. to 4500 feet. up in the higher elevations. a concern for drivers in the high country, could see snow just in time for some october skiing. as for the temperatures tomorrow, we will bring those down a bit. we will struggle to get out of the 50s. upper 50s for fremont, san jose, 64 san rafeal and 57 in pacificca. taking a look at the forecast. the wet and windiest weather. the temperatures stay cool, however. we begin to rebound, thursday into friday. the temperatures back intoe low 70s. the warmest locations with
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"paranormal activity" horror alex, what is happen something. >> i don't know. >> front door, open. backdoor, open. >> the 4th installment of the paranormal activity franchise was tops at the box office this weekend. but it was below what its predecessors made. it earned $30 million. ben affleck continued strong in the second week with more than
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$16 million. "hotel transelvaniaq r-ts rounded out 5. garth brooks got one of country music biggest hopbors. he was put in country music hall of fame. the 50-year-old released his first album in 1989 and six of them went multiplatinum. he is married to trisha yearwood. soccer fans broke a world record. more than 6,000 people dug a giant hole for what will become the new home of the san jose quakes. across from the airport. it set a new guinness world record for ground breaking. long time fans are thrilled the team will have a home stadium. >> teams who never been to -- not even been to a finals got their own stadium, we have two championships and we have been struggling and fighting for
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years to get a stadium. it does not make sense. >> the franchise was found inside 1974 and has never had a permanent home. the privately funded stadium is expected to open in two years. and we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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